Art for Ukraine! 70% to Victory
Концентрація волі
Marianna Maslova, “Gray Hare day”, 2023, etching, 35×50 cm, $100, Kyiv
"Fortress", 2023, from series "Shadows are getting smaller"
Marianna Maslova,  "Scaffolding: Moschun", 2022, ink on paper, 42x30 cm, 120$, Kyiv
Graphics in Kharkiv 2022
the RETURN art project
Marianna Maslova, "Fortress", 2023, from series "Shadows are getting smaller", etching, 9x16 cm, $50, Kyiv
Theater of Fog (of war)
Theater of Fog (of war)
Scaffoldings: Fog of war
Too much have been said
building across the street
Hare in Fog
The Back and The Front of Hare Year
Gray day with snow
Durer's Hare
Durer's hare
the first international Triennial of Drawings at the White World gallery
Group exhibition Printcard Wroclaw "Sand
Marianna Maslova "Scaffolding: Fog of War”, 2023, ink on paper, 25×27 cm, Kyiv, $50
Kharkovskaya Cherry Orchard / Spring 2023
the group exhibition and performance "Prometheus for Ukraine"
Barricades of Kyiv
Marianna Maslova, "Отож" (Therefore)
Риштування" "Літера Ґ
Quick Battle
Metro station barricades