Marianna Maslova at the group
exhibition-competition named after Yakutovych, Kyiv 2020

Born in 1985 in the town of Zhairem, which means “oasis”, in Kazakhstan. Since 1994 she live and work in Ukraine. The first impressions of the Kazakh steppe, the original folk flowers, patterns influenced the details of her work. Many artworks can trace the ornaments of Middle Asia, and the variety of details resembles the steppe spring. In the middle of the nineties she came to Ukraine. If Kazakhstan is full of contrasts and clear contours, then the nature of Ukraine is made up of nuances and lace lines.

I work in my own printmaking workshop. I love to experiment with different printmaking techniques, tracing paper and collage. I like to transform realistic things to new abstract patern, to see unusual in usual life. And at the same time I love classical realistic methods.
I also practice a new mokulito technique.
My favorite themes are botanical theme, urbo and old architecture, symbols, crystals, light and shadows

Life during the war
On February 24, my husband and I decided to stay in Kyiv, at home, to help our relatives and neighbors.
Only about two weeks after the start of the war I was able to think about art and work.
During this time, my relatives from Kyiv went abroad, and my niece and her friend were safely evacuated from Bucha via the Irpin Bridge.
I decided to sell my artworks and send 70% to the Armed Forces, volunteers and official foundations. At this time I’ve sold almost 70 artworks all over the world. Thank you everyone, who help!

2002-2003 Kyiv Art Studio of academician A. Titov
2003-2005 Kyiv Publishing and Printing institute, Department of Graphics
2006-2010 Kyiv Institute of decorative art and design Mykhailo Boychuk, Department of Graphic Design
2019-2021 Oksana and Ivanna Stratiichuk workshop, Kyiv

Group and Personal Exhibitions
2022 online group exhibition “Meta-senses”
2022 Save Us! Charity-Ausstellung für die Ukraine, Kunstwerk, Varel, Germany
2022 The first international triennial of graphics of small forms and exlibris “Planet for all”, Odessa, Ukraine
2022 take part in a permanent exhibition in museum Graphia & grafica seriada, Bogota, Columbia
2021 Fourth Exhibition of Botanical Art, Science and Natural History Museum, Kyiv
2021 participation in the project “A4, ballpoint pen” in the Ukrainian exhibition “Borders of Reality” in the annual international art exhibition NORDART 2021, Büdelsdorf, Germany
2021 participation in the International mini print Triennial “Intaglio, Kyiv
2021 personal exhibition “30 views of Kyiv” Vladimir market, Kyiv
2021 personal exhibition “Graphics”, art space “Tree of Life”
2021 participation in Print Meet 2021 in TRAKYA UNIVERSITY FACULTY OF FINE ARTS, Turkey
2021 participation in the all-Ukrainian exhibition “Triennial of Graphics”, House of Artists, 2021
2021 participation in the exhibition “Aesthetics of Stone”, NMNH, Kyiv
2021 participation in the exhibition “Art Parallels”, Kyiv, Center of Ukrainian Culture and Art
2021 “Graphics in Kharkiv 2021”, Kharkiv, third prize
2020 Third Exhibition of Botanical Art, Science and Natural History Museum, Kyiv
2020 “Graphics in Kharkiv 2020”, Kharkiv
2020 exhibition-competition named after Yakutovych, Kyiv
2020 “Herbarium”, Athens
2019 the Second Exhibition of Botanical Art, Grishko Botanical Garden, Kyiv, diploma for artistic compostion
2019 project “Ballpoint Pen”, Karas Gallery, Kyiv
2016 Kyiv Lions Club auction at Radisson Blue Hotel, Kyiv
2013 art-residency in Crimea, Koktebel
2011 group exhibition “”, ARTS SUPPORT FUND, Kyiv
2007 solo-exhibition “Expression on the Asphalt” University of Taras Shevchenko, Kyiv

The works are in private collections in the USA, France, Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Great Britain, Italy, Spain, Costa-Rica, Columbia, Hong Kong, Poland, Greece, Belgium, Switzerland, Slovenia…

participation in the project of 575 artists on Sofia Square, Kyiv 2018