Hunting. Kindergarten

“Bird of prey flying the summer sky”
This artwork I created long before the war started. But know the composition has a different meaning…

I live near the forest park area and lakes and sometimes interesting birds come to us or even make nests on the roofs of high-rise buildings. For example, birds of prey from the hawk family. They scream and all the birds fall silent. I was impressed by how they fly over playgrounds and kindergartens. I was also inspired by the work of the famous Japanese graphic artist Ohara Koson.

Marianna Maslova, “Hunting. Kindergarten”, 2021, paper size 50×35 cm, etching, drypoint, $78
Homage to Ohara Koson

70% from sale go to Ukrainian army, trusted volunteers and funds

+shipping 10-30$ depending of size of artworks and destination

Glory to Ukraine!