Metro station barricades

 Maslova, “Metro station barricades”, 28×38 cm, etching, ink, paper SENNELIER UKRAINE, $100, Kyiv, sold!

🔵 Friends, I hope everyone who reads this post is completely safe!
I stayed in Kyiv, at our home. I have studio with etching press right in my living room so I can create new artworks.
🟡 I want to help Ukraine – I offer to buy my artworks and I transfer 70% from price to Ukrainian official volunteers and funds.
All prints (estamps: gravure, etchings, drypoint, mokulito) are handmade and copyrighted, printed by me on an etching press in my studio and in Atelier36.
More artworks on this page!
The availability of work will be indicated in the description.
+shipping 10-30$ depending of size of artworks and destination
Ukrainian national postal service is working during the war!
And of course, deliver can take much longer than usual.
Checks for Ukraine are in highlights
Glory to Ukraine!